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Atlantic Shores Home Buyer Customer Portrait

My sisters and I inherited our family home. Unfortunately, it had been badly neglected. As I had a lifetime of happy memories growing up there, it was difficult to see it in such poor condition and even more difficult to sell it. Jerry Gucciardo made it very easy for me throughout the sale process by taking care of everything every step of the way. He had someone come to my office for all paperwork that had to be signed and kept me informed until the day of closing. It couldn’t have been any smoother or easier. After beautifully remodeling the house, Jerry even let me know a nice family had bought my family home!

Atlantic Shores Home Buyer Customer Portrait

An emergency left me needing my home sold much faster than normal and I didn’t have time for a long, drawn out process - Danielle drove out, made an offer on the spot, and I had the money right away.

John S.


Atlantic Shores Home Buyer Customer Portrait

I inherited my grandparent’s home that hadn’t been lived in for years. It was a mess and no one in the family would touch it - we literally couldn’t give it away. Atlantic Shore offered us a very fair price, and have since transformed it into the nicest house on the block. My family is so pleased to see that. Thank you!

Susan B.


Atlantic Shores Home Buyer Customer Portrait

We wound up in over our heads after the storm and just needed to move on. Chris and his team guided us through the process and offered more than we thought was even possible. We really couldn’t be happier with Atlantic Shore.

Carl M.


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