As a homeowner on Long Island, you should be concerned about the structural integrity of your home. If the structural integrity of a home is not sound, then the various parts will weaken and the value of the home will go down.

It’s difficult to measure the myriad lingering costs associated with water damage. Getting a new appliance and replacing a few tiles may be quite an inconvenience, but water damage can also cause significant damage to the interior of your home. And it’s not always easy to detect. If your home suffers extreme water damage, it will make more sense financially to sell your home for cash and relocate. Here are some of the more harmful effects of water damage in your home.


3 Reasons to Sell Your Home Following Water Damage

After cleaning up the initial water from a leak or flood, mold can quickly grow and, and cleanup can be burdensome. Aside from the physical manifestation of mold in readily apparent places, mold can also travel through your home via air ducts. This can cause it to grow in other spots that may not have even been initially affected.

If your home has suffered extreme water damage with mold accumulation, you and your family will be at a serious risk of respiratory and sinus infections, skin rashes, and other mold-caused conditions.

Rather than footing expensive bills to have the mold removed, you can sell your home for cash. As fast cash home buyers, we will act quickly in giving your home a fair appraisal, ensuring that you receive the appropriate amount of money. After that, the mold removal will be our responsibility!


Wood floors rotting being pulled up

#1 Rotted Wood

Significant amounts of water can also cause damage to the wood frame of your home. Damage to the wood frame of your home will not only weaken the frame, but also increase the chances of future rotting. The cost of replacing this wood is quite substantial, and can sometimes be thousands of dollars.

However, replacing that wood in the frame does not guarantee that future homebuyers will completely overlook that damage. We can buy your home for cash at a fair price that others will not give you considering the damage to the wood frame of your home.

#2 Electrical Damage

A sizable water leak can even affect the electrical systems within your home. Whether it is the functionality of electrical circuits, or cabling within your home, severe water damage will almost always give way to electrical damage.

You can avoid the stress of repairing this electrical damage by contacting us to sell your home quick. We are fast cash home buyers, and no matter what the state of your home is, we will purchase it for a fair rate, giving you the payment you deserve. Keep yourself from being entangled in repairing complicated electrical damage by selling your home and using that money to relocate to a more permanent location.

Falling House due to Foundation Damage

#3 Foundation Damage

When a storm strikes with ferocity, excess rainwater that accumulates outside of your home can apply pressure to the foundation and cause cracking.

In addition to the foundation cracking, it may also settle slightly into the ground. This can damage your home in many other ways, such as creating uneven floors, cracking your walls and more.

Foundation damage and the baggage that comes along with are particularly difficult to address when selling your home. Regardless of the extent of the foundation damage, however, we will buy your home cheap.


Sell your Home FAST to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers

When you have been the victim of water damage, there are a lot of factors to consider. There are, however, a lot less when you sell to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers. As an established home buyer, we can help you get cash quick for your home, no matter what condition it is in. Contact us today for more information about our home buying service.