Even current Long Island homeowners are sometimes compelled by high mortgage rates, unreasonable property taxes or another job opportunity to relocate. Selling your home through a realtor is the most popular option, but can be impractical for people moving to another state, especially when traveling great distances. That’s why we firmly believe that selling your home for cash is ideal for those relocating to another state without time to spare.

Here are just a few of the challenges you’ll face as a Long Island homeowner living in a different state.


1. Damage Mitigation

If your house has been obviously vacant for a significant period of time, it may attract negative attention. Vandalism, theft, and home intrusion are all valid concerns for out-of-state homeowners, especially if the home is downtrodden or on the market. To maximize the home’s value, you’ll need to have a friend, neighbor or family member check on the home often, to ensure that no damage takes place.

Prevent this damage and the costs that accompany it by selling your home to a cash buyer like Atlantic Shores.


2. Bill Paying

Bills such as property taxes, mortgage payments, and other related expenses are unnecessary when nobody is occupying the home. This expense intensifies when you are also obligated to pay similar bills in your new home.

Selling your home to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers will free you of these financial obligations immediately, giving you the financial independence you need to invest in your future living accommodation.


3. Realtor Correspondence/Negotiation

Cracks in the foundation? Chipped paint in the living room? Even relaxed realtors are bound to request home improvements/repairs for you to earn the maximum value for the home. And without the possibility of making those improvements yourself, these repairs will cost money.

That’s why you need a Long Island home buyer to make a cash offer for your home, as-is. Atlantic Shores Home Buyers is experienced in quickly making a fair assessment based on the current condition of your home.


4. Upkeep

Aside from performing damage control, realtors carry the expectation that you will perform regular upkeep-related tasks on your home. This includes gutter cleaning, landscaping, and more tasks that do not affect the long-term well-being of your home, but are necessary to make the sale.

As part of our standard policies, Atlantic Shores Home Buyers does not require any upkeep. In fact, we are prepared to purchase any home in any condition.


5. Lengthy Process

Relators might not always act with the same sense of urgency that you try to convey. A home sale process could be drawn out for months, especially if the realtor or buyer requests that improvements be made. More often than not, there will also be more than one potential buyer. This further complicates the waiting period, as each buyer will likely go through the same consideration process. At Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, we offer instantaneous relief by keeping the Long Island home buying process as short as possible.

Choose Atlantic Shores

While these complications can pose a challenge to any home seller, they are even more of a hassle to deal with when selling a home outside of a comfortable driving distance. Aside from these logistical and financial nightmares, there are myriad other possible inconveniences, such as signing documents, removing possessions, and more. In situations where you need to quickly abandon your home or remove yourself from payment obligations, contact Atlantic Shores Home Buyers. Rather than struggling to negotiate with a realtor through several weeks, months or years, Atlantic Shores Home Buyers can help you to earn a fair amount for your home. As Long Island’s most trusted home buyer, we will purchase your home quickly, and in any condition.

Contact Atlantic Shores today for a free offer on your home, or for more information about our services. For client success stories, take a look at our testimonials!

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