In July of 2017, Long Island housing prices rose to a record high. Median sale prices reached $505,000 in Nassau County. Long Island has always been home to the most expensive real estate market in the country, but these new peak prices make investment in the market more lucrative than ever. This is especially true when we factor in an abundance of high-margin foreclosures and short sales.

The Long Island home market is booming with high-values and quick sales — but it takes hands-on expertise to reach maximum profits. Home flippers lack the dedication and market expertise that professionals carry. With an experienced real estate investment company at the helm of your venture, you can earn substantial returns.

Experienced Investors

Most flippers jump into the game after attending a seminar without the ability to accurately size up a property. One minor oversight can destroy months of progress on a project, and impact profits. This is especially true for rental properties, flooded homes and foreclosures. With the Long Island market, investors must have a razor-sharp attention to detail.

Long Island housing has crucial nuances in everything from school districts, to utilities, to zoning, to insurance, build history, taxes, and everything in between. Our 35 years of experience as Long Island residents and home builders allow us to size up a project with unmatched accuracy. We take a no-risk, quick-turnaround approach.

investors meeting and shaking hands
architects discussing house with sales team

No Outsourcing

When potentially high-value real estate is involved, it’s important to be selective about outsider involvement. Outsourcing renovation such as flooring, heating, painting, and other important tasks– can add unnecessary stress to the renovation process. Relying on these third parties complicates the process, wastes time, and results in more lost profits.

At Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, our staff is capable of performing every step of the process. From leads, to construction, to the eventual home sale, our in-house team handles everything. This gives us a massive advantage over home flippers and smaller real estate operations that must rely on the schedules and funding of other parties.

Quick Turnaround Guaranteed

With real estate industry experts and versatile staff, we are equipped to handle everything. When people invest in a home with us, they will earn their profits quickly. We own and operate the most successful private real estate firm on Long Island– Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate– with the top agents and brokers in the area. This small army of seasoned pros is what allows us to offer our investors returns 2 and even 3 times higher than you could get elsewhere. In a super high-value market like this, that means huge profits and endless opportunities.

At Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, we are always open to hearing from investors eager to cash in on the Long Island market. No matter where you are located or whether you’ve had previous industry involvement, we probably have a project suitable for you. Contact us for information about how you can get involved in upcoming projects.