These days, it seems multiple “businesses” are offering potential consumers things that seem too good to be true. From credit cards, insurance policies, to mobile phone providers, it seems we’re always being presented with bargains that raise an eyebrow. It’s wise to be discriminating when we are faced with these kinds of offers.

One of the most popular scams are ones that offer “Fast Cash for Your Home”. Basically, advertisements like these promote the idea that you will be offered immediate cash for your house. While some are legitimate, not all of these companies have everyone’s best interests at heart. There are definitely some shady house buyer companies out there. The worst part about them is that they prey on people who are in negative financial situations. Senior citizens tend to be a popular target because many of them are anxious to sell their homes. It is up to you to determine who is legit, and who is trying to entice you into making a huge mistake.

How To Spot a Scam

First, you will receive a phone call. The “investor” will ask you questions about your house. They will ask all the specifics like its location, age, condition, and such. After some likely manipulative conversation, the “investor” will probably provide an estimate over the phone. The amount of money they offer you for your home is probably sky high. Next, there will probably be some more smooth talk and pressure to agree to sign a contract immediately to hold the price they are offering. Once the contracts are all sent out, you will notice that the price is far less than their initial offer. You’ll hear some bunk about the research and analysis cost as well as legal fees and credit card processing. Next, they will tell you that you need to complete the deal immediately in order to hold the price. These are all major warning signs of a scam.

Are There Legitimate Companies Out There?

Yes there are, and Atlantic Shores Home Buyers is one of them. Our team of native Long Islanders take complete pride in what we do. We will not provide any kind of pressured sales pitch to you. You will be able to accept or reject our offer after we perform a complete analysis on your home. We will offer you a price depending on the location of your home as well as the work that needs to be done to it. Legitimate investors like us will not ask you for money upfront. There will be no commitment until you are satisfied with our offer.

Why Bring These Scams to Light?

For one thing, we care about people’s homes and lives, not just the profits we make. We believe in making our living with integrity and honesty rather than pulling fast ones. Every potential customer should be aware of the scams that exist. Without knowledge of the scam artists, you’ll never be able to find a company that you can trust. Our reputation is very important to us, and we’ve spent a long time building it. As a potential client of Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, you are promised full disclosure and transparency on every step of the sales process.

In conclusion, if you need to sell your home, please call us today. We can schedule your home analysis right away, and get you on the way to receiving your highest cash offer.