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Dealing With a Lien: Selling Your Home for Cash


Being a homeowner on Long Island is not a simple or cheap job. If you’ve only been occupying your home for a few years, then you likely have mortgage payments…
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Should You Sell Damaged Rental Property for Cash?


Owning a rental property can be a great way to earn additional income. After some simple repairs and a Craigslist ad, collecting rent checks will supplement your income with ease….
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The Headache of Selling Through a Realtor


Whether you’ve recently gone through a divorce or you simply can’t afford mortgage payments, there are times where you need to sell your home quickly. Because Long Island homes are…
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Selling Your Home During a Divorce


The process of going through a divorce can be mentally and emotionally challenging. While saying farewell to fond memories and a familiar lifestyle is jarring, there are also logistical concerns…
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Behind on Your Mortgage? Here Are Your 4 Options


When you originally closed on your home sale, your mortgage payments may have seemed manageable, given your income situation at the time. But, as time goes on and life conditions…
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Is it Time to Sell? 9 Expensive Home Repairs


At the time of purchase, most people generally expect to live in a home for the long term. This plan is sound at the beginning — if you are living…
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8 Ways We Sell Long Island Real Estate


As professional home flippers, we often have several houses that are in different stages of the selling process at a given time. The selling stage is the only one that…
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7 Tips for A Quick, Easy Profit with Home Flipping


The primary goal of any home flipper should be to earn the maximum profit with minimal costs. Our team of experienced professionals has learned how to adhere to this practice,…
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How We Determine House Flipping Costs


When embarking upon a new home flipping venture, it’s essential to understand the specifics of the house early on. Which areas of the home do you need to enhance to…
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5 Kitchen Renovations that are Essential for House Flipping


Catering to prospective buyers is a critical aspect (if not the only goal) of successful home flipping. As a seasoned team experienced in Long Island home flipping, we have learned…
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