At the time of purchase, most people generally expect to live in a home for the long term. This plan is sound at the beginning — if you are living and working in the area, then why leave? But, as the years go by and career paths shift, or you retire, this can change. Funding expensive home maintenance projects can break the bank, especially as these repair needs amass over time.

A crumbling house can be just like an old car — no matter how much money you put into it, it will continue to drain your bank account. Read on to learn about the most expensive home repairs, and how selling your home for cash might be the better alternative for you.


1. Foundation Repairs

Your home’s foundation is critical to its structural integrity. It supports the weight of your home, but only when properly maintained. Without the right support, it will gradually sink into the ground. Natural disasters (which are unfortunately routine on Long Island) will only compound this problem. Depending on the unique conditions surrounding the foundation damage, it could cost thousands of dollars. If you’re managing an out-of-state home, the foundation can become unmanageable quickly. This is also a problem for unmaintained houses gained through inheritance.

Beyond the possibility of your home sinking, a broken foundation can damage the home in many other ways. As the foundation crumbles, it will leave cracks in the walls and floors. When your home goes off-kilter, the doors and windows may not close. Water will not properly drain, and may leave mold stains.

crack in foundation

Instead of funding expensive and frequent repairs, you may find more success with selling your home for cash. The team at Atlantic Shores Home Buyers can help you relocate from this unsafe environment with a substantial sum of money.


2. Electrical Issues

Without routine maintenance, your home’s electrical issues may quickly accumulate.

Broken light fixtures, faulty outlets, and overloaded circuits will eventually present a problem. This problem will be even more prominent with broken or outdated appliances. Regular electrical surges are not a normal issue for your home to have. This is an especially dangerous issue after flooding wreaks havoc on your home’s electricity.

And, fixing this issue can require lots of spending. Selling your home for cash can help you to find a more practical living situation, without investing in your home’s electricity.


3. Siding Replacements

Siding has both a visual appeal and important function. It will bolster your home’s resistance to moisture. And, the right siding can increase your home’s value. Unfortunately, siding will, to some degree, inevitably deteriorate over time. Wooden siding can warp, split or rot. Metal siding may acquire dents.

And, if you purchased your siding a long time ago, it may be impossible to find similar materials. Much to the dismay of many homeowners, using similar siding will cause your home to stand out.

Rather than spending the money to replace your home’s siding, selling your home for cash may be a better long-term choice.


4. Asbestos or Mold Removal

Especially for older homes, the risk for asbestos is high. It can be difficult to detect, and you may not find it until the problem has become severe. With a lot of asbestos in your home, removal could cost thousands.

Living in a home with asbestos is dangerous for everyone. Over the years, it can contribute to harmful diseases like lung cancer, as well as mesothelioma. Proper removal requires dedicated and skilled assistance.

The same principle applies to mold. When excess moisture builds up inside your home, it’s likely that mold will spread. This can irritate people with asthma and allergies. Even for people without pre-existing health conditions, mold may cause breathing difficulties. Depending on the location and amount of mold, removal can be costly — possibly reaching the tens of thousands.

removing asbestos

To avoid overspending, selling your home for cash may be the best option. This is especially true for rental properties. Tenant lawsuits for mold or asbestos can cost a fortune. Selling your rental property can free you from these constraints.


5. Roofing Replacement or Repair

After a storm, your roof may lose a shingle or two– a cheap and manageable fix. But, old roofs have the potential to let moisture into the home. So, eventually, you may need a full roof replacement. This will certainly cost thousands of dollars — if not more.

Full roof replacements are costly — but easily avoided through selling your home for cash. Atlantic Shores Home Buyers can help you to avoid this cost by purchasing your home for a fair rate quickly.


6. HVAC Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning systems are essential to a livable home. And, these systems are more complicated than one might think. To work correctly, both the electrical and piping systems must be maintained.

When something within the HVAC system breaks, it might be a quick, cheap fix. Routine repairs are common and manageable. Severe malfunctions can complicate the situation. Selling your home for cash and relocating to an apartment– where HVAC maintenance is included– may save you money in the long run. It also removes several other financial and logistical responsibilities of being a homeowner.


7. Broken Septic Tank

As a homeowner, it’s easy to take your septic tank for granted. But, old tanks can leak sewage.

Sewage backup inside or outside of your home is disgusting. Repairing the issue is cheap, but if the problem is beyond repair, you’ll need a replacement. This is quite expensive. Atlantic Shores Home Buyers will purchase your home for cash, enabling you to find a more suitable and less dangerous living situation. Purchasing a new tank may only prolong these expenses, and force you into inadvisable spending situations.


8. Broken Water Heaters

Especially in older homes with antiquated plumbing, hot water should not be taken for granted. Nobody likes a cold shower, or the inability to properly wash dishes.

Unfortunately, replacing a hot water heater normally comes with a host of related repairs. These expenses tend to catch homeowners off guard as they accumulate. Instead of navigating this route, selling your home for cash can help you to better allocate these funds on a new livable space.

hot water heater broken


9. Driveway Maintenance

Long Island is becoming an increasingly urban area. Because of this, off-road parking is an absolute necessity. When your driveway is covered with potholes, cracks, or is generally sinking, it can be an expensive repair. Putting aside material costs, hiring a qualified repair company is difficult.

If you’re considering selling your home for cash within a few years, then repairing your driveway can be a waste of money. Selling your home for cash immediately is generally the best recourse.


It May be Time to Sell Your Home For Cash!

When your home requires maintenance, the potential for further spending is high. As professionals fix the issues that you are aware of, they tend to find other hidden issues.

Atlantic Shores Home Buyers will purchase your home and relieve you of this responsibility. With immediate funding, you will have the freedom to find a new home or apartment that is better suited to your needs. If you are interested in selling your home, or investing in a project guaranteed to earn high return, contact the team at Atlantic Shores Home Buyers.