Selling your Long Island home for cash through an investment company is the ideal option for avoiding foreclosure or earning money after inheriting a home. Though the ultimate price that an investment company will purchase your home for may be lower than what a real estate agent could negotiate, there are many subtle ways where you save money. Atlantic Shores Home Buyers is an investment company that is fully prepared to purchase your home, regardless of the condition. With years of experience in home buying, we are a trustworthy organization that can help you to cut costs and earn cash for your home quickly. These are some of the areas that you will save on by selling your home to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, rather than paying significant fees to a real estate agent.


#1 Avoid Costly Home Repairs & Upgrades

When channeling your home sale through a real estate agent, there is an expectation that the home will be in a liveable condition for the new homeowner. When selling your home for cash to an investment company, this expectation does not exist.

Is there a leaky bathroom sink that you never quite got around to fixing, or a hole in the living room wall? Selling your home for cash to an investment company like Atlantic Shores Home Buyers will free you from this obligation. Not only will you save money on purchasing materials for these repairs, but also on paying skilled tradesmen to perform the repairs. There will also be no obligation to replace old appliances, apply new coats of paint, and other upgrades that home buyers may expect.

This will remove quite the burden from you, and allow you to focus on the other aspects of your ever-busy life.


#2 No Junk Removal or House Cleaning

Leaving a house that you have lived in for countless years is difficult. In addition to the memories associated with the home, long-time homeowners are also likely to have a collection of items they do not want to take with them. Some choose to rid themselves of these items through a garage sale, or by ordering a garbage truck to dispose of them. However, sifting through these items and taking the proper action takes valuable time.

By contacting us, you can avoid the arduous process of emptying your home. Instead, leave all of the objects that you do not want to move in your home, and we will take care of the entire process.


#3 Eliminate Advertising/Marketing Costs

In a world that relies heavily on digital promotion, it is possible to promote the sale of many products on the internet. This is a great method for selling old or used cars, electronics, and other items. When selling homes, however, prospective buyers search for credibility.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve this level of credibility by promoting your home on the internet without previous experience. Paying a real estate agent to market your home on the internet can become quite costly, and is not necessarily guaranteed to earn the market price.

With an investment company like Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, you can completely eliminate marketing from the scope of your responsibilities. Instead of spending significant amounts of money on real estate agents and/or marketing, simply call our office for a free assessment and an offer on your home.


#4 Save on Endless Fees: Legal, Municipal and More

Selling your home by yourself, or to another buyer via a real estate agent involves many hidden fees. Beyond the fees of the real estate agent, there are also fees involved in transferring the property to another buyer, having a lawyer reaffirm that the agreement is valid, closing on the agreement, and more.

Selling your home for cash to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers eliminates these fees entirely, leaving you with more money to spend on finding new living accommodations.


#5 Conserve Valuable Time

As anyone could guess, selling a house through an agent (and especially on your own) takes valuable time and energy.

Selling your home for cash to us will help you to regain control of your schedule. Instead of being tethered to the obligations of selling your home, you can instead search for new living accommodations.

By selling to Atlantic Shores Home Buyers, you can receive cash for your home, and be rest assured that you will receive a fair price.


Sell Your Home For Cash Today

Regardless of the situation or condition of the house, we will buy your Long Island home for cash. Selling your home to us will prevent you from needing to pay for any of these services, or spend your time coordinating. As always, contact us to get a cash offer for your home today.