Catering to prospective buyers is a critical aspect (if not the only goal) of successful home flipping. As a seasoned team experienced in Long Island home flipping, we have learned that a having an updated and modern kitchen space is key. Unlike the home’s location and surrounding schools, the state of the kitchen is within our control. With a modern, functional kitchen, buyers searching for a livable home will be more likely to purchase. And, a vastly improved kitchen can drastically increase the potential for a high ROI. Read on to learn about 5 kitchen renovations that will drive the value of your home flipping property.

1. Functional, Matching Appliances

As experienced home flippers on Long Island, we have learned that appliances can either make– or break– a kitchen.

First and foremost, to demonstrate a finished and refined look, appliances must be matching. Depending on the aesthetic throughout the rest of the kitchen, they may be white, black, or a metallic stainless steel. Regardless, we purchase appliances that blend with the rest of the kitchen.

Functionality is also key. While we don’t purchase state-of-the-art appliances, they must be able to perform all basic functions. For example, an over-the-range microwave should have a ventilation fan, and the refrigerator should have easy storage options.

kitchen appliances

In competitive markets, it’s sometimes beneficial to research how the competition is appealing to buyers. If they are purchasing updated appliances for their homes, then we do the same. If not, then this may be an opportunity to conserve funding for other necessary renovations. In doing so, we can challenge local competition.

2. Optimize Storage Capability With Cabinets

Whether consciously or subconsciously, many home buyers consider the kitchen to be the most important part of the home. As flippers, we always try to maximize the value of the kitchen with the right cabinets. Without proper cabinet space, the kitchen is of little value.

Cabinets comprise a large portion of most kitchens. So, lackluster cabinets will make for an unappealing kitchen. If this is the case, then even a slight upgrade will make for a noticeable improvement. Depending on the existing decor, new cabinets are fairly affordable. Opting for the cheapest cabinets, though, may detract from the kitchen’s value.

If the cabinets are not entirely outdated or worn, then simple renovations and refinishing may be all it takes. This saves valuable time and energy that would otherwise be spent on demolition, installation and selecting materials.

Cabinets are a critical part of our kitchen renovation process.

3. Open Wall

It may not be possible for all homes, but knocking down a wall in the kitchen can truly open up a room. While this may be a cliched design, it does lead to better sales. Demolition and renovation can be time consuming, but buyers will consider this to be one less eventual obstacle.

As flippers, we look for opportunities to take advantage of this new space. Whether to expand the countertop or increase table space, an open kitchen cultivate a modern and guest-friendly area.

4. Updated, Durable Countertop

Through landing many successful flipping deals, we have found that the right countertop will generate far more interest in a flipping property.

To create a positive aesthetic, the countertop color should contrast with the cabinets. This will create a balanced and even feel that is more appealing to prospective buyers.

Because cheap countertops stand out, we take care to always install a quality unit with a lasting design. Granite countertops are expensive, but may be a selling point for on-the-fence buyers. For properties with lower ROI potential, a cheaper material such as laminate or tile may work better.

kitchen counter

5. Renovation-Friendly Floor

Over time, we have learned that floor designs with a low potential for dirt to accumulate is ideal. Light flooring colors – which may inadvertently have grime and other scratch marks from the renovation process – should be avoided.


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